My name is Kael and I am an Aspiring Software Engineer and am currently in my 8th semester of Computer Science expecting to graduate at 2024/2. I really enjoy writing code, learning new languages and exploring new technologies! I currently have a Scholarship at the Compilers Lab of UFMG and am part of the team working in Honey Potion.


My most relevant projects are the Kaly Keyboard and my participation in Honey Potion. However, I have done many small projects and applications throughout my faculty, which include a simple game written in C and Allegro, many data structure implementations, some algorithms and more! Feel free to ask me about it.


I really enjoy writing code, so I think that as long as I can do that, I’ll be a happy developer! Currently I am really interested in lower level stuff, like Operational Systems, Cloud Computing, Compilers and most projects that use C/C++/Rust/other similar languages to bring unique solutions to hard problems! Currently I am attempting to learn rust to create a small personal project, so keep an eye out for it soon!