What is Honey Potion?

Honey Potion is a translator that allows users to harness the power of eBPF bytecodes with the power, expressiveness and simplicity of Elixir.

Where can I find Honey Potion?

Have a look at our github!

I am one of the developers and maintainers of Honey Potion. Among other things, I have worked on automatic compilation to eBPF bytecodes from .bpf.c files, better usability, program parameters, automatic front-end generation, liveness analysis and overall refactoring, organization and documentation of code.

How can I use Honey Potion?

I strongly recomend you have a look at our YouTube Playlist, which shows you how to get started writing code with Honey Potion! Among other things, you’ll learn how to set-up libbpf, count linux system calls and keep track of forcefully killed processes.

What are the people working in Honey Potion?

Currently the project is maintained by students present in the Compilers Lab of UFMG, which includes students currently in graduation and masters.

I have a cool Idea/Contribution!

Feel free to add pull requests, open issues, contact me and whatever else you deem necessary to get your voice out there! We are very welcome to new contributors and hope that other people get interested in the project too!